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Design characteristics and accessories


Built-in ergonomic and safety features

  Lift safe. Incorrect manual lifting and turning very often lead to strain and wear injuries, even if the items lifted by the person are light. Avoid this by using the Lift& Drive Flexi-Lift lifting trolley with an electrically adjustable height of the load platform.

The lifter is ideally suited to the needs of personnel in manufacturing plants, semiconductor industries, warehouses and so on. Realise your potential and put the versatility of the Lift & Drive Flexi-Lift to full use in your workplace.

The lifting trolley can lift and transport a wide variety of goods, including:





Plastic Baskets

Push-handle adjustable in height for individual ergonomic needs

Writing desk, adjustable in height and fixing device for battery charger

Control box also works as remote control since it is removable and offers a safe operation in each situation

Easy operation

    With large double wheels, one of them with a directional lock, and compact outside dimensions Lift & Drive Flexi-Lift is very easy to use in confined spaces and corridors. To enable the user to adopt an ergonomic working position, the height of the operating handle is adjustable. There is no risk of the trolley moving while lifting - an effective parking central brake will keep the trolley firmly in place. The control box can be detatched, giving you remote control and making loading and unloading safer for the operator.  
Compact design, 4 swivelling castors and double locking rear brakes with additional directional lock makes for excellent manoevrability


Simple and safe technology

    A number of options, such as load platforms with built in scales, and adjustable forks, gives the trolley maximum flexibility. The electrical liftable load platform is powered by environment friendly batteries that you recharge overnight: Just one recharge gives you all the power for the day. To avoid injuries the load platform automatically brakes at 3 kilos of pressure. An overload protection is also incorporated into the design. Lift & Drive Flexi-Lift cannot rust - the chassis is made of aluminium and the load platform can be of stainless steel.  
Adjustable forks and loading platform with built-in digital scale

Flexible picking & stacking


Forks and platforms can be individually adapted to suit the items being transported.

Bracket for swivelling bowls used in mixers
Forks for round containers
Boom for handling rolls etc.
Rotating V-block for rolls and round goods
Platform with rollers on the side
Foldable platform with forks for containers


Components to meet your individual requirements to liftrite and liftsafe


Modules of aluminium & high-grade steel


Simple service


Due to exchangeable standard components the lift trolley provides the best possible serviceability. The electronics and batteries are easily accessible. When the trolley has finally reached the end of its useful lifespan, the whole unit is recyclable.

The components can be easily exchanged to adapt your device to future requirements. We ensure an optimum solution to your handling requirements. The devices can easily be altered at any later moment.
Capacities from 70 to 225 kilos, various lifting strokes, widths and leg lengths to suit a wide range of uses.

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