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Patent No. 2257120 & Patents Pending


Instruction for use:



  Driver positions Super-Burro so that push-arm unlock mechanism on base touches edge of skip. Fork truck is then moved forward until mechanism reaches stop, causing base to unlock.  
    Driver then lifts the forks which allows the base to open. Contents begin to discharge in a controlled manner proportionally to the rate at which the forks are lifted. The driver then continues to lift and, at the same time, drives forwards as the contents of the Super-Burro are discharged.  
  When the Super-Burro is empty it is moved away from the skip and the unit lowered to ground level where the base panel closes and locks automatically. Depending on ground surface, it may be helpful to reverse the truck slightly to aid closure.   Super-Burro is ready for another load. There are no chains or other fixings to remove.  

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